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Re.Descartes Smart Diffuser

Sabrina Wu is an Australian entrepreneur who specializes in home fragrance products through her brand Re.Descartes.

Product type:Household appliances


An art-deco smart diffuser

Sabrina turned to LastBasic to create her Art Deco inspired smart diffuser, called the ReDescartes Diffuser. Featuring a sleek design, this ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser can be moved from room to room, without fear of disturbing plant life around your home. The diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to vaporize the mixture and produces a fresh, dry aromatic mist that scents your home using essential oils. Once set to work one can forget about it as it turns off once the water runs out. The smartphone app allows one to set flexible schedules to suit every lifestyle.

Wireless, transportable and battery-powered for the entire workday

Sabrina explains her design process: “The initial idea of a diffuser that provides a calming atmosphere in every space was born from my own wish to have this product. I wanted something that was not dependent on any power source and worked at all times. The small capsule container is designed for easy refills, since we want the user’s experience with Sabrina to be long-lasting. The wireless base is an ideal option for those who do not wish to use the USB option and prefer simplicity in their everyday life.”

If you want to know more or purchase (soon on sale) the smart diffuser visit her website

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