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Meet the LastBasic Experts

Our expert community are at the heart of what we do, and they continue to inspire us every day with the variety of solutions they provide

Our expert community is made up of a global network of sketch and 3D designers, mechanical and electrical engineers, and prototyping partners that contribute to the multi-step process of designing and developing functional prototypes. Some implement LastBasic projects into their freelance career, others use it as a top-up to their full time engineering or design career, but both types of experts see the platform as an opportunity to grow and develop their skill set. Of course, experts are rewarded at every stage of the process from initial ideas to final prototype, with credits that we convert into money.


Once they win a project, they can follow its progress every step of the way, even if they are only making a small part of the overall prototype.


LastBasic experts have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of projects, and can decide which projects they bid for, giving them complete freedom of choice. Once they win a project, they can follow its progress every step of the way, even if they are only making a small part of the overall prototype. This contributes to the learning culture at LastBasic, as experts can see and learn from the full range of work being carried out. Experts receive curated information from the client, for a seamless process that involves much less back and forth than can often be the case when working with many clients at once. And, at the end of the day, experts are able to see their ideas brought to life, as the prototypes they work on can potentially be taken further to mass production.

Experts are as diverse in skillset as they are in location; whatever solution inventors need, there is an expert ready and waiting. We believe that this diversity is a strength, as it not only means that inventors can access a variety of talent, but also learn and grow with those from all different walks of life and cultural backgrounds. Ultimately, our varied expert community contributes towards our mission of building a global meeting point for technology interaction and creation, facilitating the free-flowing exchange of ideas.

Allow me to present to you some of our most valued experts

Aliaa Ali

Aliaa graduated with a degree in Design and Applied Arts in 2020, during a global pandemic that affected job prospects for graduates worldwide. As a young designer in Cairo, Egypt, Aliaa signed up to LastBasic as a kind of side gig before landing her full time job in retail design. She has always been interested in creating solutions and designs that come to life rather than just being in a 2D format, so working on prototyping projects is perfect.

Aliaa’s favourite thing about the LastBasic platform is the variety of projects, as it gives her ample opportunities to research new and exciting areas of design. She can practice her skills, continuing to learn and grow as a designer even after graduation. She believes that having a view over all the projects in all their phases on the platform has also benefitted her as a young designer, as she is exposed to new ideas and can gain perspective on how different people are thinking about new products and solutions.

Now that she is working full-time, Aliaa uses the LastBasic platform as a source of extra income and training on her days off. She hopes that it will help her develop as a designer, become more employable, and connect with new people in the industry.

Nasib Fahim

Nasib has been with LastBasic from the beginning, so he has a unique perspective having seen the platform go from strength to strength. Based in Barcelona, Spain, he joined LastBasic to develop his freelance career as an electronic product designer. With over a decade of experience in the engineering field, Nasib has found LastBasic to be an efficient and enjoyable way to progress further in his career.

Nasib started working with LastBasic as the platform offers more financial security than the other freelance gigs he undertakes, as well as offering a seamless process in terms of organisation. For example, when working alone as a freelancer Nasib has to liaise with the client alone, often taking on extra underpaid work if the client has additional requirements later down the line. Alternatively, when he works with LastBasic he is paid at every stage of the project, from pitch to final creation. Moreover, there is additional clarity over his responsibilities, and a lot of the administrative burden is removed, meaning Nasib can concentrate on what he does best – engineering!

Nasib has integrated LastBasic seamlessly into his freelance engineering career, and sources a great amount of his work from the platform.

Hazal Özçelikler

Industrial designer Hazal started working with LastBasic when the platform didn’t even exist – all the projects took place over email. Now that LastBasic has grown to what it is today she still enjoys getting involved in projects when she’s not working her full-time job as an industrial designer for playgrounds in İzmir, Turkey.

When she started with LastBasic Hazal was working in the medical sector, which she found quite limiting. She wanted to develop her modelling and sketching skills but found that she was just doing the same kinds of tasks day in, day out. So, she turned to LastBasic as a creative side hustle. Hazal relishes the challenge of having to work out the bigger picture of a LastBasic project from a short client brief and feels this has helped her grow as a designer. She also enjoys the flexibility of the platform, and the ability to choose the project that is the most interesting to her.

Hazal often spends her weekends working on LastBasic projects, both as an extra form of income and a creative hobby.

People from every walk of life

What Aliaa, Nasib, and Hazal have in common is, ironically, their difference. They are united by a common interest and career in engineering and design, but are geographically spread across the world, speak vastly different languages, and have totally unique life experiences. And yet, they can work together easily on the same prototyping project, striving towards a common goal for their clients in a mutually beneficial exercise for both expert and inventor.

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