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We’ve now opened a new payment option to make your product development much more affordable when creating your prototype with us. You can now pay module by module, in the pay-as-you-go option, starting with the Sketching contest at 399 EUR and then moving to the 3D Design at 596 EUR. Get your complete design done, for just 995 EUR.

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This module can be purchased as a standalone if you just want us to design for you.

Sketch contest

Experts will start sending you their proposals. You'll receive concept sketches based on your idea. Provide feedback and choose the winning design you want to develop.

23D Modeling

This module can only be purchased if you have previously purchased the Sketch design

3D Design contest

The expert community will compete to design more realistic 3D visuals of your concept; you choose the winner.


Our designers will design and manufacture a custom PCB. No testing is included if bought alone.

Electrical engineering contest

The LastBasic electrical engineers will design the electronics for your device to make sure the components can be adapted for the 3D designers to create their design. You will pick the best one.

Manufacturing of Custom PCB

PCB Manufacturing does not include testing.


This module can be a stand alone where LastBasic designers design the mechanics. No testing is included if bought as a standalone.

Mechanical engineering contest

The LastBasic mechanical engineers will put together their proposal of solutions for how the mechanics of your product will work. You pick the best one.

Mechanical manufacturing does not include testing.


Assembly + Testing + Delivery.
All devices are tested before delivery and functionality is guaranteed by LastBasic.

Testing and Delivery

We will send you all of the engineering documentation generated in the product development. You will also have full rights over the intellectual property (IP) of your designs.


This module is not recommended for MVP prototypes. Recommended only for prototypes tested and ready to go into production.


Design for Manufacturing

This additional service will include:
- Guarantee that your prototype can be manufactured.
- Selection of up to 3 manufacturers.
- Includes manufacturer quotations.

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