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Connections are everything. They always have been. And we don’t realise that until this precise moment when we start our own business in an ultra-competitive world and we see ourselves alone in the middle of a huge red ocean. What would you do? What everybody does to survive, right? Compete with all your strength to offer the best competitive advantage above the rest.

Maybe you recognise yourself in our experts’ real stories. Are you immersed in the challenging world of the remote freelancer? Do you love being creative and executing on solving problems for clients, but find yourself dedicating most of your time to finding new work? Are you spending more hours expanding your network in order to maintain a constant stream of projects to keep your freelance business healthy? Would you like to find an easier option? Would you like to find more clients to work for, from around the world? How do you manage this struggle to stay being creative but also managing your pipeline? You could join a consulting firm to have a more stable flow of projects but you lose your autonomy. You could stay independent as a designer but you will need to dedicate a majority of your time to finding new work while you are still solving problems for active clients.


We believe that diversity in ideas equates to better product solutions and that everyone who has the skills to create products should have access to the opportunity to prove the quality of their work through our inclusive contest model.


In either case, you are limited in how you develop your own skills and talents in the most potent way. These are the traditional ways to play in the game of the global market.

But what about if there is a new way to play? Would you try it? Would you like to hear more about a new model that is creating those connections that we all know are the key to business success?

Allow me to present LastBasic

We connect experts all over the world to real projects ready to be developed. We have democratised access for experts to have a wide variety of real projects to choose from.

We believe that diversity in ideas equates to better product solutions. We believe that everyone who has the skills to create products should have access to the opportunity to prove the quality of their work through our inclusive contest model.

And maybe you’re wondering how we have done it and how we’re consolidating this model I’m talking about. Well, let me explain briefly how our group of experts are validating this approach with their real experiences.

LastBasic is the link that connects the two sides of the creation process around developing an idea. Our clients are the ones who want to develop a specific idea materialised in a functional prototype to validate their own vision with your help, the expert, as a part of our community of experts (designers, modellers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, assemblers, makers) who are the ones that will have the opportunity to join the projects, add your value and make the inventor’s ideas a reality.

At Lastbasic, we are building virtual on-demand teams to solve technical product problems. Step by step. Phase by phase. We divide the development process into 5 phases: sketch, 3D modeling, Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, and prototyping. Based on your expertise, you join and contribute.

How is LastBasic connecting the dots for you?

We have set our model on a contest (one per phase) system that will let you:

    1. Know what new projects are available and have open contests filtered by phase. Be able to quickly review the client’s requirements and challenges. We curate for you the important information from the client, needs, and goals for each phase. Be able to quickly review the deadline for when to submit your proposals.
    2. Join any contest you are interested in.
      Use all our resources: templates, guides, tips, in order to achieve the most solid and easy-to-understand proposal for the client, who in the end is the one who provides feedback on all the proposals received and who selects the winning design.
    3. Generate LastBasic’s credit with your validated proposals sent.
    4. Receive direct client feedback on your proposal and the results of the contest.
    5. Receive your corresponding reward if you are selected as the winner of the contest.
    6. Do you want to be part of this new way to create and keep these connections, join here.
    7. Let’s work together to promote to the world that there’s a different and simpler way to develop ideas and make them come true.

Come and join us as an Expert at LastBasic.

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