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How to Create an Invention as a Side Hustle

Inventing and product development really doesn’t have to be a full-time job anymore.

We’ve all been guilty of defining ourselves by our job role. Given that we spend on average a third of our lives at work, it can often become a significant part of our personalities, taking over what we like to do in our free time. Not only does this mean that we can begin to resent our full-time work, but it can also negatively impact our mental health and sense of self.

A side gig is always an option to generate extra income.

Thankfully, there is another way. Across the globe, people are beginning to understand the benefits of having a passion project alongside their full-time role. For some, this project may be learning a language or playing a sport. However for many, it’s a niggling idea for a product with a clearly defined goal to work towards.


Becoming an inventor as a ‘passion project’

So-called ‘side hustles’ are becoming increasingly popular, thanks largely to digitisation and automation. A side hustle involves undertaking a project outside of full-time work, generally with the aim of making some extra cash. This type of project is one step further than a hobby, as it is closer to becoming an entrepreneur, rather than simply something someone does for fun.

Working from 9 to 5 can mean something extra when we have a side hustle.

Thanks to digitisation and automation, people can now become inventors in their spare time as a side hustle. Inventing was once something reserved for those with large budgets who were full-time engineers, but digitisation has facilitated the growth of prototype development companies which make inventing much more accessible to individuals. As a result, a wide range of great ideas are being turned into real products by people who have no experience with inventing, allowing markets to continue to expand and grow.


Who can become an inventor?

The truth is that anyone with an internet connection can become an inventor these days, but knowing the right steps to take is key. Prototype development platforms facilitate connections between those with ideas and those who can help make these ideas a reality. Inventors can connect with experts across the world at the touch of a button, receiving guidance and even making progress with their designs and prototypes.

Create a side hustle around your product prototype is a reality today with LastBasic

Inventing and product development really doesn’t have to be a full-time job anymore. Individuals with a little bit of spare time and a good idea can work on their inventions in the evening and around their other responsibilities – just like they would with any other hobby or project.


The benefits of engaging in a side hustle

Side hustles tend to be conceived as an extra source of income, especially during difficult economic times, but there’s much more to them than finances.

Many people find that becoming an inventor in their spare time can help contribute to raising their self-esteem and positive sense of self, as it helps them to build skills and confidence outside of their workplace. Inventors must be prepared to work alongside a wide range of people and gain entrepreneurial talents, so the process can help even the quietest of individuals shine. Additionally, becoming an inventor could even benefit someone in their full-time role, as they learn transferable skills relevant to any industry.

Most importantly, when people become inventors, they contribute to the overall progression of a market by challenging the status quo. Sectors can only progress through competition, so when there are more products on the market, innovation will follow. Inventing is for all these days – are you ready for the challenge?

To learn more about what creating an invention as a side-hustle entails, download our latest whitepaper, The rise of the side-hustle: turning your idea into a second income.

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