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Art Flow NFT Display

Richard Nguyen inventor of the Art Flow NFT Display

Product type:NFT

What is an NFT Display?

Using displays to showcase acquired collections is the most cost-effective option for any NFT collector. These ‘digital art’ token collections can also be displayed, sold and verified using specialized NFT display frames.

The revolution over the last years of the NFT, has brought the need to show them physically, through devices such as: exhibitors, pendants, and even rings! Thus, they can now be framed and placed on a wall, in a gallery, on an easel or even displayed as jewellery or accessories, capable of showing these tokens in property in the same way as it is done in a virtual gallery.

The Art Flow NFT Display

That’s why Richard Nguyen came to LastBasic. Richard is a young inventor from the United States who is clear that non-fungible tokens are a new asset class within cryptocurrencies and knows firsthand what is needed to showcase them.

Their NFT Display solves the problem for people buying digital tokens and will allow them to have a physical way to display and store their digital property in real life. By creating a cold wallet that will also display NFT, people who own digital art will be able to enjoy their tokenized items. Richard wanted a device that was lightweight, easy to use and had an attractive look and feel for display.

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