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Affirmation Smart Mirror

A mirror that displays motivational quotes and affirmations via a smartphone app.

Product type:Internet of things

Affirmation Smart Mirror powered by LastBasic

The brief

Orthodontist Odyssia had a break from work like a lot of others at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic where her life took a change in direction, from being solely work and career focussed to caring more about inner and mental health. She used this free time to reflect on ideas that would work to help people struggling through the pandemic with mental health issues ranging from depression through to anxiety and stress. She wanted to address a common aspect of people’s feelings of not being good enough that had surfaced as a result of the pandemic.

As she began a journey of meditation and mental wellbeing, Odyssia found that, without ever realising, she constantly engaged in negative self-talk. This opened her eyes to the consistency with which we all use negative language towards ourselves, which we would never express to others. As a mother, Odyssia was shocked to notice that even young children have learned this negative behaviour, and she decided that something had to change.

Odyssia began working with LastBasic to create a smart affirmation mirror, beautifully combining a sleek homeware product with a health-tech innovation. The mirror was to display motivational quotes, or affirmations, to users, which could be controlled through a smartphone app. The product aimed to disrupt the cycle of negative self-talk which we all have become accustomed to and make kinder messages a greater part of our inner lexicon.

The solution

Odyssia wanted to make a functional prototype of her idea for a Affirmation Smart Mirror including the ideation, design, and development of their original vision for the product. The Affirmation Smart Mirror is intended to solve the problem that Positive affirmations are an important tool to strengthening ones confidence and well being. When combined with fitness this can be a powerful combo to help improving mental health and physical health at the same time. The solution proposes to solve the problem by A visual mirror board that shows and rotates through positive affirmations on its screen. It can be used for personal use in the home, but also have the ability to be placed in a fitness studio (stopwatches, ability to sync with music) along with the positive affirmations.

The results...

Odyssia’s smart mirror is in the second phase of prototyping, and she is continuing to manage the project around her career in dentistry and her family life. She hopes to have a final prototype soon, so that her product can contribute to overcoming the ongoing global mental health crisis, which has been acutely worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic. Odyssia’s solution could have a strong impact on those struggling with their mental health and personal perception.

Stay tuned for a full update on the results once the prototype is complete.

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