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Delivery Food Sensor

The prototype set to change the way we order food online.

Product type:Home delivery

Delivery Food Sensor with lights on powered by LastBasic small
Delivery Food Sensor with working lights

The history

This is how Miami-native and serial entrepreneur Freddy Sidi worked with LastBasic to create a digital sensor that streamlines food delivery.

Freddy Sidi was not new to entrepreneurship when he started his journey with LastBasic. A self-described ‘serial entrepreneur’ and regular on the Miami tech scene, not to mention a Harvard Business School grad, Freddy had already set up five companies before working on his latest project: a sensor for restaurants to streamline their food delivery pickup process.

Freddy’s device uses sensors to recognise when restaurant staff have prepared an order for delivery and notifies the courier accordingly. This means no more waiting around for drivers and no more aligning order numbers with the kitchen – the process becomes simpler for everyone involved. The device is a no-brainer; the global food-delivery market has tripled in value since 2017, with latest valuations hitting a whopping $150 billion worldwide. How does LastBasic come in?

The challenge: Finding a trustworthy partner in product development

Unfortunately, the digital world we find ourselves in is not always a kind one. Freddy is one of many entrepreneurs who have had their intellectual property stolen and replicated without credit or financial compensation. He encountered numerous difficulties when working with a large company abroad, most notably when his product was reproduced and sold without permission nor royalties on a third-party website. This disaster happened on top of the company producing a non-working prototype without following the specifications, meaning Freddy believes his $250,000 USD investment was wasted.

Having been deceived before, Freddy found it difficult to set out on the product development process again. He had the idea, and some money to support it, but didn’’t want to waste time all over again. He needed a trustworthy partner to build a high-quality prototype, and that’s where LastBasic came in.


The solution: A collaborative approach that generated a cutting-edge product

Delivery Food Sensor with food delivery packages

Though he is a seasoned entrepreneur, Freddy is aware that he has little expertise in the engineering field. He relied upon LastBasic’s wide range of international experts to make his product a reality, successfully connecting with engineers who created a high-tech product that uses 5G, indicator lights, IoT connectivity, and software messaging. When an inventor submits their idea through the LastBasic platform, the community of experts compete to win the project by submitting design proposals. This process is repeated for each stage, from sketch, 3D modeling, electrical, mechanical, to final prototyping, allowing inventors to benefit from a wide range of expertise.

Originally hearing about LastBasic through the grapevine, Freddy was pleased to meet a reliable, honest team when first sharing his idea. Trust was hugely important for Freddy, due to his previous negative experience. He was pleased to find that LastBasic had all the essential legal requirements to protect his IP, giving him the confidence he needed to let the experts do their magic.

1-. A connected device that eliminates inefficiencies and makes life smoother for its users. Freddy’s product will accelerate the food delivery process for restaurants and couriers alike, automating the current manual process. He hopes this will improve the food delivery service for everyone involved in each transaction.

2-. A community of like-minded people who you can rely upon to get the job done. The food delivery sensor idea benefited from a wide range of perspectives held by people all over the world who work with LastBasic. Being able to access such a variety of experts allowed Freddy to continually develop his concept throughout the prototyping journey.

3-. A quick and easy process managed by a professional team. LastBasic has built a digital platform that uses automation to eliminate inefficiencies and smoothly move inventors, designers, and engineers from ideation to prototype completion in an average of 14 weeks. The LastBasic team manages the whole process, liaising with both inventors and experts to ensure simple and effective communication.

The Delivery Food Sensor works with an app
Delivery Food Sensor with an order waiting to be picked up

My expertise is in the entrepreneurial side of things, so I needed a team that I could trust to take care of building my prototype whilst I was hustling for sales. LastBasic provided exactly that – their bench of experts was invaluable to making my idea a reality. Why wouldn’t entrepreneurs want to use LastBasic? Their platform is efficient, cost-effective, and professional –commented Freddy.

Freddy’s food delivery sensor prototype has recently been completed, a process that he enjoyed so much that he is going back for more! His second project is being kept under wraps for now whilst he focuses on turning his first prototype into a product that we can see in restaurants across the globe – so stay tuned for more.

LastBasic’s platform exists to bring ideas like Freddy’s to life as we believe that everyone has the potential to contribute to the evolution of technology with their ideas. Everyone should dare to invent, innovate, and develop new economical prototypes in an easy and accessible digital environment.

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