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At LastBasic we are passionate inventors

Developing technology and hardware products has been historically difficult, expensive, and complex. At LastBasic, we want to change that. We strongly believe that everyone has the potential to contribute to the evolution of technology with their ideas.

Meet the team

We are a fun team that takes our job seriously.

About LastBasic Team

Alejandro Turell



After 6 years of constant and accelerated learning, what has made me push through all the difficult challenges that disrupting a whole industry means, is the perseverance of a dedicated team who is not afraid of change. We are now sure that all this effort is paying off, every time that one of our inventors finds in LastBasic their home for prototype development, far from the noise of traditional models.

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About LastBasic Team

Steve Janssens


Avid Cyclist

My role is to manage our talented team and expert community to deliver prototypes to our clients through our unique platform experience. I bring 15 years of industry experience to the team, and I am passionate about Lastbasic because we are pushing our industry to be more approachable and accessible to everyone. I love our team and that we apply an MVP methodology to all that we do.

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About LastBasic Team

Alfonso de la Rocha


The Reader

After finishing my Electrical Engineering degree I started working in the software industry because, unlike hardware, software allowed me to prototype new ideas in a cheap an easy way. I could make ideas reality without additional support. What excites me the most about LastBasic is that we are working on a solution to tackle a problem I myself had a few years ago. My main goal as a CTO is to build the foundations to bring the convenience of software prototyping to hardware enthusiasts and professionals like me.

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About LastBasic Team

Luis O’Cleiry



I started in LastBasic back in its origins in 2017, together with Alejandro and Antonio … all we had was a one sheet and a corporate style guide. What we’ve achieved over these years makes me really proud, especially because we have proven to many sceptics that revolutionizing the industry of hardware product creation is possible. What I love about this job is the fact that we are changing the world of tech creation and entrepreneurship by opening it up to just anyone with a good idea.

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About LastBasic Team

Jesús Antonio Vizcaíno Jiménez

Head of Digital


I was part of LastBasic since its origins, along with Alejandro Turell and Luis. I am co-founder and responsible for the digital area. As a serial entrepreneur I have moved between sectors such as F&B, logistics, fashion and publishing, but I have always been passionate about knowing how and why things work, so I am a big fan of mechanics and technology. Probably, if I hadn’t graduated in advertising and marketing I would have ended up as an engineer or industrial designer.

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